The Educators
Equipping the next generation

What will it take to create an education system where every young person can realise their potential? In partnership with Capita, we filmed some of the UK's leading educators to share their views on the challenges they see in education today and what they think is needed to equip the next generation with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and relationships to succeed.

Inspiring creativity in learning

Andria Zafirakou MBE, winner of the Global Teacher Prize 2018

“Creativity helps a young person feel that they’ve got something unique, something special that they can do themselves and feel proud of. There are no mistakes in an art or music room. It's a journey of learning that creativity brings.”

Andria Zafirakou reveals why creativity holds such a special place not only in the classroom, but the education system as a whole. How should we be reframing our approach to skills to inspire our young people to take control of their destiny?


Leading on personal development

John Murphy, CEO of Oasis Community Learning

“Emotional support from teachers is critical - every moment, conversation, lesson counts with children. How teachers respond can shape a child for life.”

John Murphy reveals how formative moments in your childhood can shape your future - and how taking a different approach can transform the experiences of the most vulnerable young people. How can our education system ensure that everyone has the opportunity to pursue their passions and flourish?


Innovating in the digital age

Priya Lakhani OBE, founder and Chief Executive of Century Tech

“Children today are learning what robots will be able to do much better in 2030. What education should be focusing on now is the curriculum needed, the skills they’re coming out with, about mental health, social media and automation.”

As we look ahead to the future of work, Priya Lakhani OBE discusses the potential for technology to transform education and allow teachers to focus on teaching. How can we ensure that young people are successfully equipped with the skills to navigate a future of technology and automation?


Investing in the future

Lord Dr Michael Hastings CBE, Member of the House of Lords, Chancellor of Regents University

“Because we’re going to need all the best, amazing, imaginative people in the future, it is the right investment for education to equal up, not level down.”

Drawing on his impressive track record in education, Lord Dr Michael Hastings shares what he believes needs to change to sufficiently prepare young people for the future. How can government and technology providers come together to deliver the right outcome for learners?


Enhancing wellbeing in learning

Meg Zeenat Wamithi, award-winning student, founder and CEO of My Mind Matters Too

“I remember thinking finally, someone actually can see that I'm not okay. Finally, I'm going to get the help that I need. Finally, no-one's going to be expecting me to be perfect all the time.”

Recognised as one of the most inspiring students in the UK, Meg Zeenat Waminthi discusses the importance of supporting young people and shares why it’s crucial to recognise young people struggling with their mental health and ask the important question: “Are you okay?”


Building skills for life

Dr Susan James Relly, Director of Graduate Studies & SKOPE, University of Oxford

“If I were to redesign the education system, I'd definitely bring in more vocational aspects to it, more play for young people and time for imaginations to run wild, try to develop a curriculum that was less assessment focused, more focused on being able to just be.”

Susan James Relly reveals the power of surrounding yourself with people who inspire and encourage you to ‘be better’. With a government target of half of students entering higher education, how do we prepare young people to succeed in their profession, whatever path they choose?


Creating new models

Professor Craig Gaskell, founding and former Principal and CEO of University Academy 92

“At University Academy 92, we had an opportunity to make an institution from scratch and from first principles. It's about learning all the time, and having that expectation of the young people, we have to practice what we preach. We have to be self-reflecting and learning as leaders.”

Craig Gaskell shares what we can learn from the primary sector to enhance learning at every level, and the importance of providing young people a space to learn, not to be taught. How can a focus on character, personal development and active learning allow young people to understand the power of tenacity and hard work?


Bridging the educational divide

Brett Wigdortz OBE, founder of TeachFirst UK and Tiney

“The children who succeed are the ones lucky enough to have family support, proper education and, to some extent, privilege. The rest are not so lucky.”

Brett Wigdortz reveals why he’s passionate about ensuring the education system provides opportunities for all. What can we do to ensure that every young person receives the education they need to unleash their own excellence and be successful in life?



The Educators have a wealth of experience and stories to share. To understand their ideas in more depth and hear anecdotes from their careers, you can hear podcast episodes with each. Insightful and surprising, the series of podcasts may change the way you think about education and what it will really take to equip young people for the future.

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