About BecomingX

BecomingX is a learning and development company set up to help create a world where everyone can realise their potential. We create films with the world's most inspiring and iconic people, produce education content to help people succeed and we support our charity, the BecomingX Foundation, to deliver our mission in lower income countries and underserved communities.

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B Corporations are certified companies that meet the highest social and environmental standards. BecomingX is proudly different - we believe we have the ability to change the lives of hundreds of millions of people. That's why we do what we do, and why we operate in a way that wouldn't make sense to purely profit maximising companies. BecomingX is the highest scoring education B Corporation in the UK and the second highest in the world.

Our purpose is to help create a world where everyone can realise their potential. 
1) We help people to understand what it really takes to succeed and show people what they are capable of
2) We create world-class education content and experiences to help people build the skills, knowledge, attitudes and relationships needed to succeed - which is often not taught in schools, universities and businesses
3) We support people in lower-income countries and underserved communities through our charity, the BecomingX Foundation
4) We are carbon positive - committed to removing 50% more emissions than we ourselves emit
5) We create jobs, pay our taxes and we'd like to think that we're lovely people to work with

We're carbon positive. This means we take out more carbon than we emit through our operations (and that's even better than being carbon neutral). We have committed to removing an additional 50% of our emissions from what we emit. We reduce our emissions as much as possible, and offset through an accredited programme.

In its technical sense, 'success' is the ability to achieve something you set out to accomplish. Part of BecomingX's ambition is to raise aspirations and confidence, so that people aim higher and focus on achieving goals that are inherently rewarding for both individuals and society more broadly. Success is individual, but for us, it's about living a fulfilled and happy life.

Technically no. It's easy to think we all have a technical 'maximum' amount of potential - like a cup - and that the challenge is just trying to get as close to filling it as possible. That's simply not the case. Rather we all have an entirely expandable 'cup' and we are capable of achieving ever greater levels of performance - everyone can keep on improving. As sporting achievements illustrate - the upper limits of what is possible are continually being redefined. So really, what we are talking about is a process of becoming ever more capable.

We're a small team, but you can check to see our current vacancies on our Careers page. 


Films and Interviewees

We aim to interview the world's most inspiring and iconic people. We have a robust process of identifying and selecting people we believe have inspiring stories and insightful lessons to share with the world. Where measurable (e.g. sport), our interviewees are the best in the world at what they do, and have to have an exceptional story to tell. We will not interview anyone with any active evidence of racism, sexism or offensive behaviour for which they haven't acknowledged or apologised for. Our interviewees aren't perfect. None of us are. Some have difficult pasts, but we believe they all have valuable lessons to pass on to help others succeed.

Over time, we'd like to interview the most inspiring and iconic people in every country in the world, across multiple fields, so no matter where someone is from or what they want to achieve in life, they have someone they can relate to and learn from.

No. Our interviewees share the same goals and aspirations as us. They want to help and to share their experiences and lessons to others.

Typically, no. Sorry. We are very protective of our interviewee's privacy. If there is a legitimate reason or collaboration opportunity and all other channels to contact them have been exhausted, we may consider requests if we believe them to be of value to an interviewee.

Sadly, we can't forward on any mail to our interviewees. You can send fan mail to us though. We'd like that.

We'd recommend checking out his website to see ways of getting in touch with Bear's team.

BecomingX Foundation

We set up the BecomingX Foundation to help realise our vision of a world where everyone can realise their potential, no matter what their starting point in life.

As an independent education charity, registered in the UK and the USA, the BecomingX Foundation uses and builds upon BecomingX’s educational content and capabilities to support education in underserved communities.

Their specific approach focuses on providing unique educational programmes, working closely with local partners and like-minded organisations to build young people’s skills and confidence, and providing inspiration and opportunities to individuals to help them realise their potential.

To support the Foundation, BecomingX provides all of our education content, intellectual property, operational support and, at a minimum, 10% of revenues from our education services.

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The Foundation’s ambition is to help inspire, equip, and enable young people and educators across Africa, helping the next generation to have the skills and confidence needed to face life’s challenges head on, realise their potential and succeed.

We support the BecomingX Foundation in 3 ways:
1) We licence all of our IP and educational resources (for free) to the BecomingX Foundation for use in lower income countries and underserved communities
2) We provide a minimum of 10% of our revenues from school purchases of BecomingX Education to the Foundation to help provide financial resources
3) We provide significant executive support and volunteering time as well as providing additional organisational resources (e.g. IT, design, reporting etc.)

Yes! They'd love that. Please check out their website to find out how.

Guest speaking

Yes. We are proud to work with some of the world's leading companies - providing learning and development training, leadership programmes and guest speaking. Contact us for more details.

Yes. We regularly speak at corporate events. Contact us for more details.

While we are not a 'speaker agency', we regularly organise events for corporate clients featuring our interviewees. As we personally know all of our interviewees, we can provide favourable guest speaking rates (our interviewees are keen to support our mission) and we have a transparent and no nonsense approach. Our clients also like the fact that whilst we cover our costs, we donate what would typically be spent on agents to our charity BecomingX Foundation, so they know that by working with us, they are having a positive impact on the world.