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Inspired. Informed. Unstoppable.

BecomingX Education Home Edition supports parents and homeschoolers to deliver truly exceptional learning experiences. Help students build the skills, character and resilience needed to succeed - at the touch of a button.

Home Edition has been created for students aged 8 - 18+, and is designed to be facilitated by a parent or  guardian, not for self-study. It is a rich resource for parents who wish to supplement their children's PSHE or Character education, and for homeschoolers.

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BecomingX Education provides a library of world-class content focused on the skills, knowledge, attitudes and relationships that we know students need to succeed, including over 200 evidence-informed lessons, discussions, activities and film clips. Available at the touch of a button and fully flexible, with no pre-requisites.

Presented by Bear Grylls and featuring insights from some of the world's highest performers, our content takes personal development to the next level. Add to that, activities created with leading companies and NGOs to help students learn in practice and see real-world applications. With slides, videos, comprehensive lesson plans and resources ready to go, so you can focus on what really matters. Helping students become the best they can be.


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"As a parent, I know how important this is, and how much we need programmes like BecomingX to equip people to truly thrive in life."

Bear Grylls


Storytime just got an upgrade.

Stories have the power to change us. To light fires in our minds and inspire us to be better. To cut through the complexity of the world and connect us directly with the lived experience of others. BecomingX Education Home Edition takes storytelling to another level.

Olympic gold medallists, Presidents, Nobel Peace Prize winners, adventurers, Oscar winners, CEOs, humanitarians, entertainers, scientists, authors, astronauts, military leaders... We've filmed those you might expect. And also those you might not. People who grew up in care, who were formerly homeless, who were imprisoned. People who live with disabilities. All of whom have achieved extraordinary things and have stories to share.

Home Edition provides stories that will change the way students see the world. And most importantly, change the way they see themselves.


Learning with BecomingX Education doesn’t end with the library. With a curated collection of experiences, parents and homeschoolers can support students to learn through practice. Virtual experiences allow you to access on-demand activities, whenever and wherever. And launching soon, our international experiences are designed to help students build the personal attributes we know will help them succeed. Delivered by an award-winning adventure travel company, the trips provide transformative experiences for young people; building skills, changing attitudes and creating memories that last a lifetime. 

"Our children love BecomingX Education Home Edition. We love seeing our children being inspired and challenged while developing their skills and confidence."

Amy, Parent & Home Edition subscriber

Tools & Support

You're not alone. The Guide outlines what is available, explains the structure of lessons, and has tips for making time for Home Edition and supporting learning, behaviours and emotions, so that students can get the most out of their learning experience. The Catalogue outlines in more detail what every lesson, discussion and activity covers, to help you choose and plan which resources to use. And if you need help, we're here to support.